Advertisers FAQ

What is your traffic sources?

We run our own tube sites network with more than 2 million unique visitors/day, we also sell ads on our trusted partner's sites.
Please contact support for full sites list.

I want to buy traffic, what should I do?

Please register first, use your real data. After your account will be approved, add your media in the menu Media. Once your media is approved, you can load money to your account via menu Bank and create a campaign in the menu Campaigns. Once you created an active campaign and you have funds on your account, traffic will start automatically within 5 minutes.

What traffic type do you offer?

PC traffic:
  • NTV banner 300x250
  • Footer banner 950x250
  • Popunder traffic

Mobile traffic:
  • Mobile redirect traffic
  • Mobile popunder traffic
  • Mobile banner 300x100
  • Mobile banner 300x2500

Do you offer skimmed traffic?

At this moment we do not offer skimmed traffic, only banner and popunder.

Is it possbile to use iFrame/Flash Banners?

Only trusted advertisers could use flash/iframe banners, we accept only jpg/gif banners by default.

Do you offer flat rate prices?

Yes we do, however with the long term contract (at least 30 days), please contact our support for information.

What is the minimum account load amount?

The minimum amount you can load your account is $25.

Can I refund unused funds from my account?

Your first deposit is non refundable. We can refund deposit within three months of payment by you, however refund will only be issued for a balance of more than $200 US Dollars and a processing fee of 15% will be deducted from such refund

How can I load my account?

You can load your account via Paxum (automatically) in the menu Bank.

Do you offer other funding options?

Yes, you can load your account via PayPal, we can also take Webmoney and Epayservice. To get payment instructions, please contact our support.

Where can I find traffic statistics?

You should login to your account, go to the menu Statistics.

My media was declined, why?

We have different site's criteries for different traffic types, usually if you get decline on your site, we'll write the reason in the decline email.

Publishers FAQ

Do you accept new publishers?

Yes we do, however we review every new publisher application individually.

Why should I work with your company?

Quality traffic always worth more money, if you have quality sites, you'll get much more with us then with other traffic brokers.

What is your site acceptance criteries?

First of all you should have a quality site. We do not accept banner farms, sites without their own content, sites not presented in Alexa TOP 100K, sites banned in Google or doesn't have enought SE traffic.

How can I register as a new publisher?

You should register in our system first of all. Please contact our support to get the publisher account approval.

How will I get my money?

You can request your money any time via the menu Bank. We'll process your request within 3 business days. We can transfer your money via PayPal, Paxum, Epayservice, Webmoney.